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Elder Abuse - How to protect a loved one from an abuser

At the Demiris Law Firm, P.C., we often hear about situations that involve an elderly person who is being taken advantage of. When we learn about the abuse, it often involves financial, emotional, and sometimes physical abuse.

Many people do not think that a loved one in their life will be taken advantage of or be the victim of abuse. It can be devastating to discover that a spouse, parent, grandparent, significant other, or sibling is being mistreated. It can be even more shocking when the abuser is a relative, close friend, or trusted individual. Many times, predators of the elderly are those who are in a position of power.

Some red flags to look out for can include:

* sudden and extreme changes by the elder late in life

* uncharacteristic actions by the elder

* a new person who suddenly accedes to a position of power over the elder's finances after years of the elder having an established professional in place.

* a large age gap involving a new love interest

It can be difficult to protect an elder from abuse, especially when the elder does not believe they are being abused or the abuser is isolating the elder. There are legal options available to help protect elders in situations like these. Consulting an experienced elder law attorney is a great way to learn about the options available to help protect your loved one from abuse.

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