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Attorneys Experienced in Protecting the Rights of Elders and Loved ones of those conserved


  • How old does a person have to be for a conservatorship?

  • Who can petition for a conservatorship?

  • How long does a conservatorship last?

  • Do you handle conservatorships from start to finish?

  • Do you represent conservatees, conservators, professional fiduciaries, children, family members, or interested persons in conservatorships?

A conservatorship is a protective court proceeding offered in California to save or “conserve” a person from harm.  There are generally three types of conservatorships including general probate conservatorships, limited conservatorships, and LPS conservatorships.  There are options for expedited hearings for temporary conservatorships that allow for immediate but temporary relief when there is appropriate cause.  Conservatorships involve adult individuals whereas guardianships involve minors.

A probate conservatorship often deals with individuals who are no longer able to provide for their own personal or financial care.  Examples include the elderly who have major neurocognitive impairment, adults who have brain injuries, or other conditions that render a person no longer capable of managing their personal and financial matters.

In California, Conservatorships are comprised of the “person” or “estate” or both person and estate.  Generally speaking, to conserve one’s person, findings must be made about that individual’s inability to make provisions for the individual’s food, clothing, shelter, or medical needs.   To conserve a person’s finances, there generally must be a showing of substantial inability or inability to manage one’s finances or resist fraud or undue influence. 

The Demiris Law Firm, P.C. has capable attorneys who are experienced in handling conservatorships from start to finish, including litigated matters that go to trial.  The Demiris Law Firm, P.C. has successfully handled conservatorships in counties throughout the state of California and greater bay area.  In addition to handling matters for private clients, The Demiris Law Firm, P.C. has experienced court-appointed attorneys appointed by the Court in Contra Costa County and Alameda County.


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