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The Demiris Law Firm wins 8-figure trust contest at trial in Contra Costa County

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

The Demiris Law Firm, P.C. prevailed at trial on behalf of their elderly client who wished to have her 8-figure trust provided to charity (Samaritans' Purse) her church, and various family and friends. The trust was contested by other family members who had their shares reduced and who were ultimately disinherited. The case spanned months and nearly two weeks of actual trial. In the end, justice prevailed. Attorneys Konstantine "Kosta" Demiris, Esq. and Michael A. Schreiber, Esq. were trial counsel on behalf of the Demiris Law Firm, P.C.

Attached is a copy of the Court's tentative statement of decision.

Shepson P20-00821
Download PDF • 799KB

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