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Trust Contests: Know what you are getting into

A trust contest can be a tricky situation. A person may find that he/she was disinherited and feel a range of emotions. One of those emotions is to demand justice and to find out what the "truth" is. However, such an expedition can be time consuming, financially expensive, and emotionally draining. The time, energy, and money needed to battle against family members or a professional fiduciary, can be overwhelming.

If anyone says "it is easy" then beware. Remember to ask careful questions about the process and legal procedures. Make sure that not only you, but your family can deal with the ups and downs of the litigation process because it can seep over into other life events and take much more of your mental energy than you may think.

The other thing to remember is that litigation in California, especially with trust contests is not usually a "quick" timeline from beginning to end. The process can last many months and, if the matter is very litigious, possibly years.

So before you embark upon a time-consuming, emotionally taxing, and financially expensive situation, remember to ask careful questions ahead of time.

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